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Tomorrow May Be The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To You

If there was an award given for the thing most likely holding you back, the winner would be Tomorrow.

Tomorrow takes the pressure off of Today. Especially when it comes to commitments. Think of New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier and to drop a few pounds. Since those resolutions don’t start until the first day of January, we have no problem pigging out throughout the holiday season. But it’s OK, we rationalize, because we’ve committed to making a change.

Tomorrow is perfectly two-faced.

I’ve had a great deal of experience dealing with starting tomorrow. And most of the time I never did, because half way through today I realized I could start again tomorrow. And with that Read the rest of this entry »

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December 10, 2016   No Comments

Are You Willing To Share The Healing Power of You?

Walking into the auditorium I honestly didn’t know what to expect. The event was billed as an evening with a musician who had been physically healed, in part, by music and has since helped others to heal through the sharing of his gift of music.

I didn’t know Andrew, but I soon became intrigued by his story. A tumor, initially thought to be cancerous was actually benign. However, the celebration quickly subsided as Andrew’s body began to shut down from an allergic anaphylactic shock while recovering from his surgery. For several days he vacillated between life and death, comatose in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at New York’s Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center. Sensing Andrew had perhaps lost his desire to live, out of fear and desperation his wife Wendy turned to the one thing she thought could possibly save her husband.


Andrew Schulman is a professional guitarist. Music has been his life-long passion, which is evident as you listen to this master evoke such spiritually soulful tones from his eight-stringed guitar. With all else simply keeping him alive yet not making him any better, Wendy placed an earbud from her husband’s iPod into his left ear and soon Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion” began slowly rejuvenating his spirit. After 30 minutes of Bach, Andrew’s blood pressure, the critical component of his survival, had normalized, much to the surprise of his medical providers who honestly thought they were just waiting for him to die.

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October 29, 2016   No Comments

This Is How I Will Make America Great Again

Someone says we need to make America great again.

America has never stopped being great. But we can always make it greater.

The real question which needs to be answered is who is going to make it happen?

America in 2016 is torn, angry, frustrated, partisan, and divided, fueled in great part by the train wreck of this year’s presidential elections. Many have profited politically from perpetuating a culture of “Us vs Them”, where being offended has become some sort of birthright and there’s always someone to blame for your unhappiness. Not that long ago America had room for compromise and intelligent rational conversations but now working together with those with differing view points has been reframed as a sign of weakness, especially if you’re a politician.

Society can often recognize when things are broken, but we then get hung up on who is responsible for fixing it. We point fingers then sit back waiting for the politicians and the government to Read the rest of this entry »

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October 15, 2016   No Comments