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The Modern Guide for Hating Other Humans

Hate needs a makeover.

I’m not a big fan of hate. Or of hateful people. But out of fairness, as a society we haven’t done a great job teaching people the proper way to hate others, have we?

None of us are born haters. Hate is something we learn rather informally, often influenced by those who guide us though our formative years. The people who teach us how to hate have no course syllabus or Powerpoint presentations to ensure we are doing it the “right” way. Rather, we become unsuspecting apprentices, watching and listening to the actions and words of those who we look up to and someday hope to make proud. Hate can be passed from one generation to the next just as easily as the color of someone’s eyes.

One of the more “classic” forms of hate is to lump all members of a particular group into one and collectively hate them all. It is probably much easier to hate all people of a certain color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or religion than it is to hate only a selected few. The simplicity of this method of hate is what makes it quite popular and universally applicable. It’s simplicity also undermines any “credibility” the hater may seek to establish, as if hatred and bigotry could ever be legitimized. Hate 1.0.

A more “advanced” form of hate is to focus upon only one person and to hold that individual “accountable” for their actions or beliefs. This form of hate requires substantially more thought and “evidence” on the part of the hater, making this a far less popular method of hate. Often when one seriously contemplates why they should hate another they will usually find they lack the tangible proof they need to support their convictions, which from what I understand can be quite frustrating. It’s just so much easier to hate everyone.

THE RADICAL IDEA What if, though, we simply decided not to hate at all? Hate is always an option. But so is love. And we are the only ones who get to decide how we choose to respond to those whose belief system, genetic make-up, life experiences, or actions differ from our own.

What if we sought to better understand those who we feel are “worthy” of our own hatred? Understanding is often the key component in negating the fears which serve as the backbone of hate. We need not agree with, like, support, or embrace those whose demographics, deeds, or philosophies differ from ours, but we don’t have to hate them, no matter how “justified” we may feel in doing so.

Hate perpetuates hate.

In a world as diverse as ours there’s always an opportunity to hate someone.

But there’s always an opportunity for love.

What will your choice be?

It’s a great day to be you!

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February 11, 2017   No Comments

The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution

So here we are again, day one of a brand new year. Many will greet this day with a renewed sense of passion. This is finally going to be their year! This is the year we stick to the resolutions, many of which have been continuously rolled over from years prior. But this year is gonna be different, we tell ourselves.

At some point, though, resolutions become work. At some point we lose the initial jolt of adrenaline and slowly we revert back to who we have always been, guided by that “little voice” in our head reminding us of who we think we really are and who we think we are supposed to be. For many, the well-intentioned resolutions will be packed up well before Valentine’s Day and placed back into emotional storage until late December.

Why do so many resolutions fail?

Because on some level we don’t really think we’re supposed to achieve them.

Setting resolutions and goals creates an internal conflict. It becomes a battle between who you are and who you want to become. Who you are has a huge advantage. It’s embedded. It knows you and thinks it knows what is best for you. Sure, the new voice of who you want to be is attractively refreshing, but in time the you you’ve always been will do all it can to keep you that way. This person you want to become is a threat to the person you’ve always been, and the person you’ve always been wants you to stay exactly the way you already are.

Resolutions fail because ultimately the safety and security of remaining who we are is more desirable than the perceived risks and challenges we believe we’ll face attempting to become who we want to be. Seeking the smallness of safety and security is a sign we are willing to accept the self-imposed limitations of unworthiness which have been faithfully perpetuated by the voice of who you’ve always been.

Until we fully believe we are worthy to become the person we want to become we will always remain the person we’ve always been.

We are all born worthy. Then life happens. Like water shaping stones, the words, actions, and opinions of others imperceptibly shape our view of the world and our place in it. Too often the negative nature of many of the words, actions, and opinions we are exposed to causes us to play safe and small in life. We learn to limit what we believe is really possible for us. We create our own glass ceilings which allow us to painfully see what we could become while accepting as truth we will never actually become it…simply because we don’t believe we are worthy of its attainment.

Worthiness and unworthiness are choices we get to make. We get to believe what we want to believe about ourself. And that determines if you’ll ever become all you were created to be.

There is not a more powerful resolution you can make than to accept the fact that the Universe doesn’t play favorites, that if one is worthy to share in the infinite abundance of God’s Universe then ALL are equally as worthy. You included.

The you you’d like to become? Well, that needs to happen. And you are the only one who can make that happen.

The money you want to make this year? The weight you want to drop? The business you’ve wanted to start? Whatever it is, the Universe knows you’re worthy of it becoming a reality.

You need to believe it as well.

The combination of a clear vision of what you’d like to become and the understanding that you’re divinely and inherently worthy of its attainment is an extremely powerful, life changing force.

It’s time to go and make you happen!

What do you think?

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December 31, 2016   No Comments

Tomorrow May Be The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To You

If there was an award given for the thing most likely holding you back, the winner would be Tomorrow.

Tomorrow takes the pressure off of Today. Especially when it comes to commitments. Think of New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier and to drop a few pounds. Since those resolutions don’t start until the first day of January, we have no problem pigging out throughout the holiday season. But it’s OK, we rationalize, because we’ve committed to making a change.

Tomorrow is perfectly two-faced.

I’ve had a great deal of experience dealing with starting tomorrow. And most of the time I never did, because half way through today I realized I could start again tomorrow. And with that Read the rest of this entry »

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December 10, 2016   No Comments