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What Happened To What’s Possible?

My seven year old daughter announced this week she is writing a book! It’s a story of a princess and her shadow. She’s also said something about aliens as well. So far we’ve seen two pages and have no idea of how many more we should be expecting.

Why is she writing a book? Because she wants to. And because no one told her she couldn’t.

Especially herself.

Once again the actions of an innocent child remind me of a lesson I somehow keep needing to learn. Once again, I am reminded about limitations, primarily the ones we consciously and unconsciously establish for ourselves.

My daughter’s book is another example of her willingness to simply express what is inside her. Her decision to create isn’t contingent upon any results she needs to see from this project. Actually, there are no contingencies at all. No parameters, no metrics. Just a desire Read the rest of this entry »

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March 1, 2015   No Comments

Lessons Learned from the $1,011.05 Cup of Coffee

“Large iced coffee, decaf, black, extra ice please.”

“That will be $1,011.05. Please drive up.”

The morning drive-thru dialog between me and the faceless through-the-speaker voice of the server at Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s the morning ritual, the accidental habit with a $2.77 cost per day. Fiscally insignificant on a daily basis. But when you repeat a fiscally insignificant transaction 365 days a year the dollars do add up.

$1,011.05 in this case.

This isn’t a post about frugality. It’s about becoming aware of how significant the seemingly insignificant actually is. And with our awareness comes our opportunity to make subtle, relatively Read the rest of this entry »

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February 21, 2015   No Comments

Giving Thanks For The Things That Piss Me Off

Thank you, you idiot driver, for driving too slow in the high-speed lane and making me late. Thank you, you inconsiderate grocery shopper, for dumping 20 items on the conveyor belt of the 12-items-or-less express register aisle.

Thank you. For pissing me off.

I’ve come to appreciate such moments, the moments when I am in emotional overdrive with everyone and everything getting under my skin. Why? Because I’ve learned my reaction to the world in front of me says so much about the world inside of me. When my responses are laced with rage and anger and my thoughts and words become confrontational and judgmental, it tells me that real problem here is more about me than with the ones who have managed to push my buttons.

I tell my kids life usually never goes as planned and when it doesn’t what you do next is the important thing. Sometimes I need to take my own advice. Life so often is a test, those moments when life Read the rest of this entry »

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December 13, 2014   No Comments