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Expecting Green To Be Blue

Funny how most of the important parts of our lives don’t come with any instructions. But buy a $10 toaster and inside the box you’ll find an owner’s manual with detailed instructions on how to turn soft room temperature bread into warm crusty bread. Usually this information is translated into several different languages, ensuring that a language barrier will never prevent any one from enjoying the simple pleasures of toast.

As much as I enjoy toast and the science and technology behind it, I’d like to think that a troubleshooting guide to life’s deeper questions would be far more valuable than figuring out how to get my bread to toast a little lighter.

Life, and all the questions that come along with it, is just one of those things you have to figure out on your own.

Perhaps life is just far too complicated to have all its mysteries resolved by following a few simple steps. And since no two of us are Read the rest of this entry »

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August 1, 2015   No Comments

Are You Buying Into The BS of Your Own Imperfection?

So, you’re telling me God got it wrong?

Growing up in an industrial mill city here in New England we had our share of factory outlet stores. Not the fancy destination “outlet” malls with food courts we see today. Our factory outlets were an extension of the manufacturing facility where “slightly irregular” items were sold off in an effort to recoup some money on manufacturing mistakes. These imperfect items just didn’t measure up and meet the quality standards demanded by their customers.

It’s logical to expect some manufactured items would end up with some imperfections. But when it comes to people, I just don’t see God as one who makes mistakes.

I was intrigued earlier this week overhearing a conversation about imperfections. The premise surmised personal imperfections are Read the rest of this entry »

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Your Mother Did Not Give Birth to a Cubic Zirconia

My dog doesn’t have earrings. And neither do I.

But everyone else in my house does, along with their collection of rings, bracelets, and necklaces. None of which belong to me.

Or my dog.

Jewelry. It gets dirty and dull sometimes. Gunk like hair spray, soap, gel and other yucky stuff build up and the jewelry loses it’s sparkle. From what they tell me, the best way to clean such delicate items is by using ultrasonic sound waves. Rings and bracelets are placed in a small water-filled container and the thousands of microscopic bubbles created by vibrations within the container gently remove all the dirt particles.

Once cleansed, the jewelry regains it’s original luster, allowing it to shine as brightly and radiantly as it originally did.

Life has a way of coating all of us with it’s own residue of yucky stuff which can prevent us from shining as brightly as we were made to shine. Even trace amounts of negativity, uncertainty and doubt can cloud the clarity of our spirit, dimming our own light.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

UPLIFTED Uncertainty and doubt don’t have any power to minimize our natural glow. Unless, of course, we give them the power to do so. Thinking is either abrasive or non-abrasive. Abrasive thoughts, the thoughts that placate the voices of doubt, become a sandstorm of negativity, tarnishing and even damaging our soulfullness. Non-abrasive thoughts, the thoughts that nourish and uplift our spirit, will polish our inner diamond, allowing us to brilliantly shine. But life is neither abrasive or non-abrasive; it’s only exactly whatever we think it is.

So, what are you thinking?

The quality of our thinking is directly proportionate to how we really feel about ourselves. It shapes our expectations and to an even greater extent our overall happiness. So how do you see yourself? Are you a diamond? Or are you a cubic zirconia, the low-cost alternative to the real thing?

SO PRECIOUS We don’t live in a world where people are actively reminding us of our value and worth. Too bad, because we all need to hear that we matter. But the most important person who needs to remind you of your value and worth is you. We all need to see the diamond inside. We were all created as precious gems, designed to shine and radiate our own unique individual light. Worldly opinions of us from others and especially from ourselves can never redefine our divine magnificence. Unless we let them.

There is no greater cleansing process than to see ourselves through the eyes of God, when we reframe ourselves in the love that created us. When we do, a new vibration is born and the residue of negativity that surrounds us gently and peacefully dissipates. Suddenly the clarity of who we really are again resonates from within.

Love. The ultrasonic cleaner for the soul.

The world needs you to shine as only you can. To bring forth the divine light inside of you that never dims, the light that radiates from your soul.

Never doubt your inner diamond.

It’s a great day to be you!

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